Current Lab Members

Marc Libault

Principal Investigator


Hengping Xu

Post-Doc Research Associate
PhD. University of Oklahoma

Hengping earned his PhD previously from Peking University in Plant Biochemistry and recently from University of Oklahoma in Plant Molecular Biology and participated in multiple nationally and internationally funded research projects. He obtained a solid background in the study of plant biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, and the expertise in plant cellular isolation, protein purification, protein-protein interaction, molecular cloning and transfection in plant cells.


Sutton Tennant

Master Student
B.S. University of Nebraska Lincoln

Sutton is currently a Graduate student majoring in Plant Breeding and Genetics with a focus in Biotechnology. He graduated from the University of Nebraska Lincoln with a bachelors in Plant Biology in 2021. Sutton’s work typically involves molecular biology tools and cross-sectioning and imaging of plant tissues.


Sai Subhash Mahamkali Venkata Subramanyam

Ph.D. Student
MS: Biotechnology, West Virginia State University
B.S.Agricultural sciences, Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Agricultural University, India

Subhash completed his bachelor's in agricultural sciences from VNMKV, India. Later he joined ICAR- CTRI (Central Tobacco Research institute) and worked on online fertilizer recommendations for tobacco-growing soils in India. With an interest in higher studies, he joined a master’s program in biotechnology at West Virginia State University and worked on aluminum tolerance mechanisms in plants using the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Soon after completing my master's, Subhash joined Dr.Libault’s lab to work on his Ph.D. in complex biosystems. He is interested in harnessing various computational tools and machine-learning algorithms for analyzing single-cell genomics data.


Hong Fu

Lab Research Associate

Hong graduated in Economic Management with bachelor's degree, but is experienced with managing plant growth in the greenhouse as well as plant cell isolation.


Rani Qaqish

Lab Research Assistant

Rani is a pre-med student in the department of Biological Science.

Sergio Alan Cervantes Perez

Post-Doc Research Associate

Alan is a Biochemical engineering from Autonomous University of Sinaloa and he obtained a Master and PhD degree in Plant Biotechnology. Alan joined the lab in 2021 after completing his PhD at the National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity from CINVESTAV (Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute) in Mexico. At the Libault’s lab he currently is working on single-cell genomics.


Md Sabbir Hossain

PhD Student
B.S. Khulna University, Bangladesh

Sabbir completed a bachelor's degree in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering from Khulna University, Bangladesh. He then worked in the Jute Genomics Research Project in Bangladesh and was involved in jute fiber transcriptomics to uncover the genetic mechanisms of jute fiber development. Sabbir is interested in comparative plant functional genomics to gain a better understanding of the molecular events that control agronomic traits.


Sandra Bensmihen

Fulbright visiting Professor from France
Post-Doc LIPM, Toulouse, France
Post-Doc JIC, Norwich, UK
PhD. University of Paris XI, France

Dr. Bensmihen was hired at CNRS to lead a project on how symbiotic microbial signals stimulate root development. She uses approaches such as transcriptomics, natural variation (quantitative genetics) and reverse genetics.Her research interests encompass root phenotyping, crosstalks between symbiotic and hormonal signalling, root development in Medicago truncatula, and crosstalks between root cell layers (such as epidermis and cortex).


Sandra Thibivilliers

Lab Manager
M.S. University of Paris VII
B.S. University of Paris VII

My work mainly focus on providing support for the Libault's lab members as well as developing new technologies in the lab.


Ian Meyer

Bio-informatic Research Assistant

Ian is a Scott Scholar student in the department of Mathematics.



Zhenzhen Qiao
Graduate student, PhD
Victoria Hernandez
Lab Research Assistant, Undergraduate student
Abdullah Al Mukhaini
Lab Research Assistant, Undergraduate student
Michelle Wood
Lab Research Assistant, Undergraduate student
Donovan Clayton
Lab Research Assistant, Undergraduate student
Jennifer Brooks
Lab Research Assistant, Undergraduate student
Khloe Parsons
Lab Research Assistant, Undergraduate student
Neng Cheng
Graduate student, PhD
Niccole Rech
High School Teacher, Fort Towson, OK
Micaela Langevin
Research Specialist

Lise Pingault

Postdoctoral Associate
Peter Klein
Post-doctoral associate
Justine Alexander
Lab Research Assistant, Undergraduate student
Alexander Phua
Lab Research Assistant, Undergraduate student


Lab research assistant

Maria Del Rocio Reyero Saavedra

Visiting Graduate Student

Bianca Lopez

Lab Research Assistant
Emily Eix
Lab Research Assistant, Undergraduate student

Prince Zogli

Postdoctoral Associate
Conner Boatright
Lab Research Assistant, Undergraduate student
Morgan Fehrle
Lab Research Assistant, Undergraduate student
Mehrnoush Nourbakhsh
Graduate student
Da Yea Park
Graduate student