Positions in the Libault Lab

Currently, one Ms./Ph.D. Position in Plant Single Cell Computational Biology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is open, visit Job openings for more information

What do we do? The Libault lab is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling gene expression in plant cells and their regulation in response to environmental stresses including the soil microbiome. We are also interested in unravelling the levels of conservation of these mechanisms and responses between plant species.

 As members of the Libault lab, you can expect to gain expertise in plant single cell –omics including transcriptomic and epigenomic, plant functional genomic, and comparative genomics. Based on our research, there are also many opportunities to gain expertise in bioinformatics in the lab and in collaboration with researchers located in UNL and in other institutions.

 As a mentor, my goal is to understand your objectives and to develop a plan to allow you to leave the lab with an expertise that fit well your long-term goals. To succeed, it is critical to be interested, motivated and dedicated into the research. This includes “actively doing” the research.

 I am always interested in discussing with potential postdocs, research technicians, graduate students, and undergraduate research assistants interested in conducting research in the lab. So, do not hesitate to contact me!!!

 If you are interested in discussing the potential to do graduate research in the lab before applying including both potential funding sources and potential research projects, please email Prof. Libault including the phrase “Aaaaaaaaaaah! Je vois!” in the subject of your e-mail.

Students interested in joining the Libault lab must first contact Prof. Libault before to apply through the University of Nebraska Department of Agronomy & Horticulture’s MS and PhD program.

 If you are interested in discussing the potential to join the laboratory as a postdoctoral associate or a research technician, please email Prof. Libault including the phrase “mille milliards de mille sabords!!!” in the subject of your e-mail.

The Libault Lab is always interested in teaching and mentoring promising undergraduate students who wish to gain experience in various aspects of plant genomics. Motivated undergraduate students should contact Dr. Libault to inquire about paid assistant position to support the daily activities of the lab, to participate in existing research projects, or to conduct an independent research project related with the research thematic of the Libault lab (University of Nebraska’s UCARE program). Please email Prof. Libault including the phrase “Coloquintes!” in the subject of your e-mail if you are interested in gaining research experience.